IBFF Group Sparring

The IBFF®-Italian Boxing & Fitness Federation, was conceived by Vincenzo Mazzarella and encompasses a project dedicated to fitness using boxing skills, specifically, through the GroupBoxing® Academy. Like Boxercise®, Groupsparring is now a global brand with instrictors in Italy, the UK, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Belgium and Russia!

To date, there are 4 different GroupBoxing® Academy programmes, with GroupSparring® being the most familiar to anyone partnered with Boxercise as both fitness disciplines perfectly compliment each other.

Music is integral to the system, but it doesn't require learning any complicated foot or punching routines, in fact an invigorating work out can be aheived by combining just a couple of punches and very basic foot movement.

Participants work in pairs, although particpation works just as well on shadow boxing or on a punch bag.

  • ✓ It's great fun
  • ✓ Makes you smile
  • ✓ Burns calories
  • ✓ With music, but not aerobics

ACS Boxercise now include Groupsparring routines during standard classes. No special equipment is required and you can leave your dancing shoes at home!

IBFF Group Sparring