ACS FitnessWelcome to ACS Fitness, one of the services provided by ACS MAGFA, martial arts, games and fitness academy.

We offer a range of exercise and fitness related sessions and offer these at our own ACS MAGFA, Luton based studio, or arranged Bootcamps. We can offer sessions for individuals, families, youth & social groups and educational establishments.

In addition, we can also supply recipe plans to help with your weight loss diet aspirations.


Inspired by the glitz, glamour, tongue in cheek humour and energy of Bollywood movies ACS Dance Fitness classes featuring, Just Jhoom!, provide high energy workouts that are fun and challenging.

They'll even give your eyes a good workout with all those over-the-top eyebrow scrunches and fluttering lashes and, it goes without saying, that all that Just Jhoom! arm flailing, is just great for your bingo wings. These classes are fun and ideal for children, themed nights, ice breakers or just a good old fashioned fitness class! Want to know more then visite ACS DANCE FITNESS and get in touch

Just Jhoom ACS Dance Fitness